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The perfect solution for parties, special events, one-time treatments, or even re-occuring weekly or monthly service. We offer our mosquito control sprays and fogging for residential and commercial properties of all sizes; restaurants, hotels, banquet facilities, HOA centers, senior centers, wedding facilities, pool areas, playgrounds, kennels, backyards and any other area you want to enjoy mosquito-free! We want you to be able to enjoy your property without the annoyance of mosquitos and other insects. Simply call or email to schedule a time and date and we will send one of our highly-trained mosquito experts to your property to eliminate your mosquitos.

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We use a four step process to eliminate mosquitos and other insects from your property:

  1. Inspect & Identify

    Our licensed and trained mosquito experts will inspect and identify where the mosquitos are coming from and develop a plan to target problem areas and decide which is the best method for reduction. We will also identify and eliminate any conducive conditions which can be breeding mosquitos.

  2. Mosquito Control Fogging

    Using our special high-powered blower, our licensed and trained mosquito experts will apply a fine mist of our special blend of mosquito products targeting mosquito harborage and breeding areas such as around dense vegetation, under decks, around planting and mulched beds, and around shrubs and bushes.

    We use products that are micro-encapsulated designed to last several weeks up to a month depending on weather conditions.

  3. Application Granules

    Our organic insect repellent granules are spread across the lawn and bed areas, and around patio and decks as an extra line of defense. These slow release granules extend the effectiveness of the treatment, and provide extra coverage around areas you spend the most time in and around.

  4. Treatment of Harborage Area

    Our technicians will make special treatments to any areas identified in the initial inspection that appear to be problem areas such as areas of standing water, drain pipes, french drains, plant saucers, etc. We have many ways of treating problem areas, usually by eliminating the water and adding mosquito “dunks” (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) which is an organic bacteria that produces toxins effective in killing various species of mosquitos, gnats and black flies, while having almost no effect on other organisms. We will also treat problem areas with our special growth hormone. This is an excellent way to break the breeding cycle and prevent rapid re-infestation.

How much does it cost?

The price for our complete Four Step Service, for up to 1/2 acre, is $149.00. We also treat larger areas and facilities. Contact us for a quote for larger spaces. We have discounted pricing for multiple treatments. Call for more info on our current specials.

What do you spray?

We offer several treatment options. Our full synthetic blend is a mix of man-made products designed to give the longest lasting effects, while still being kind to the environment. Our semi-organic option uses Pyrethrins and other organic products but requires more frequent treatments.

How long does it last?

Every home is different. Depending on location, surrounding areas, weather and rain conditions, landscaping and the product chosen, you can expect from 1 week up to a month.

Do I need to be home for the service?

No, as long as we have access to the area to be treated, and any pets are put inside, we can provide the service. The treated areas are safe for re-entry after the products dry, usually in about an hour.

What areas do you service?

We will service most areas of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Westlake and Lakeway at no additional charge. We also service other areas within a 50 mile radius of Austin, although an extra mileage fee may apply. Contact us for an exact quote.

Why is MCS the best choice for me?

Our combination of experience, dedication to customer service, quality and affordable pricing make MCS the best choice when it comes to a company that you can trust to take care of your outdoor insect issues.

Does the treatment help control any other insects?

Yes, our treatments are also helpful with roaches, spiders, flies, wasps, ticks and a variety of other insects.

Does MCS offer any other services?

Yes, in addition to our misting systems we also offer our “Interior/Exterior Pest Control Service“. Interior treatments done from the outside of the home. With the new products, most people do not need or want insecticides applied to the interior of the home. We also clean spider webs, wasp and mud dauber nests. Contact us for a detailed description and pricing.

Can I have more information on the products that you use?

Yes, we have attached labels for some of the products that we offer:

Onslaught FastCap
Sector Specimen
Naprovit Pro Plus

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