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In addition to our mosquito control system services we are also the only company in central Texas to trust for professional high pressure cooling systems, manufacture by us right here in Austin, TX. We offer new installations as well as repairs and maintenance of other types other than MCS installed systems. In our years of service, we have done many repairs to systems installed by other companies, that left their customers without a service team. When it is time, choose a company that will be there when you need them for, sales, service and reliability.

Do you have an outdoor area which is too hot to enjoy?

We have the solution. High pressure Mist Mist Cooling Systems, which will cool your areas by up to 20 degrees without the residual moisture that used to be associated with inferior units or improperly installed systems. Both residential and commercial services available. Hundreds of happy customers. Fast, reliable service after the installation.

How do we do it?

Mist Cooling Systems is an Austin-based company that manufactures and installs professional mist cooling systems. MCS are the local experts and continue to develop products that lead the industry in outdoor cooling.

Everything starts with a High Pressure Pump that runs at 1000 psi. High pressure mist is created, which evaporates quickly, chilling the air and reducing air temperatures by a process known as Flash Evaporation. Whether you choose portable or mounted, all of our systems will quickly cool outdoor air temperatures, even on the hottest days. Mist Cooling Systems prides itself on offering many different options depending on your needs.

Cooling up to 20 degrees!


High Pressure Pump

Our high pressure pumps are totally enclosed and will generate a working pressure of 1000 psi. We use heavy-duty motors paired with Cat Professional Grade Pumps for the best possible combination when it comes to long-lasting, quality products designed for continual use and years of trouble-free service. Everything is engineered and manufactured here in Austin, Texas using the best possible components for years of trouble-free service.

Here are some of the features that make MCS High Pressure Pumps the best on the market:

  1. Low Water Sensor: Standard for all our pumps, this important switch will turn the system off in the event of low or no water. A very important feature, since running your pump without water can damage the pump in a matter of minutes. This should be standard for all pumps, but many other manufacturers don't care enough to include it.
  2. Durable Powder-Coated Enclosure with Rubber Feet: Quality-designed and insulated for noise-reduction, our custom-designed enclosures will protect your pump and motor and keep it running quietly for many years.
  3. Internal Cooling Fan: Keeps the pump and motor cool, and internal temperatures within specifications.
  4. Pressure Relief Valve: Releases pressure when turning the system off, eliminating drips from the nozzles, keeping your outdoor areas dry.
  5. Pressure Gauge and Internal Pressure Regulator: Makes it easy to monitor your working pressure.
  6. External On/Off Switch: Plus an optional remote control making it easy to operate your system.

Other System Components:

Slimline Nozzles PhotoHigh Pressure Nozzles: We use only the best nozzles on the market. All our nozzles have stainless steel tips, with cleanable, removable pins and strong interior springs to prevent dripping.

 Premium High Pressure Fittings: We use all metal premium fittings. These nickel-plated brass fittings are rated up to 1250 psi with strong internal grippers to prevent leaks and are designed for long life.

We Offer Three Types of Systems

Let MCS help you find the best solution to keep your outdoor space cool. With three different cooling system solutions to offer, we can customize a strategic installation unique to your yard or patio's setup to provide optimum relief from those hot summer days. Set up your free, no pressure, no commitment consultation today!

  1. Mist Line System: 1/4" High Pressure Nylon tubing comes in 5 different colors and is easy to hide, very discreet installations.

    We also offer 3/8" stainless steel lines which can be powder coated to match any exterior.

  2. Fan-Based Systems: Our High Pressure Fan-Based Systems offer the ultimate in cooling without residual moisture. We have fans ranging in size from 18"-36" which can be mounted in a variety of different ways. We also offer custom fabrications for almost any situation. We are the experts when it comes to design and installation for high-end custom construction projects. MCS has become the go-to company when it comes to commercial cooling applications and have developed an impressive list of referrals. Our fan-based cooling systems can be found at many nice restaurants, clubs and outdoor venues across Central Texas.

  3. Portable Mist System: If a permanent system is not right for you, take a look at our professional portable units. These units can be wheeled in during warm months and then placed into storage over the winter. We have our white portable unit that has a 1000psi pump, a 20" oscillating fan, and can be connected to a water hose, or just fill the 13 gallon tank for the ultimate in portability.

    We also have a slightly more affordable 24" black misting fan that uses new centrifuge technology with no nozzles to get clogged, this unit has a 5 gallon reservoir that will cool up to 5 hours on a single fill. Both these units cool with little to no residual moisture - Awesome!!

What makes MCS Austin the best company for me?

Simply put, there is nobody in the Austin Area that has the experience or expertise that even comes close to MCS. We have been installing professional cooling systems for over 10 years and have hundreds of happy customers; both residential and commercial. Now that we have started manufacturing our own systems, it is hard for anyone to compete with our combination of quality, experience and pricing.

Is it necessary to use specially-treated water?

No, we connect to a regular hose bib, which leads to a large built-in filter before the water enters the pump. This preserves the life of the pump and prevents nozzles from getting clogged.

What are the results I can expect?

We will achieve maximum cooling with minimal residual moisture. You can expect up to 20 degrees cooling differential. This will allow you to enjoy your nice pool or patio area even on the hottest of summer days.

Is the Misting Cooling System easy to operate?

Yes, cooling systems can be activated manually by simply turning a switch, or can be designed with a remote control feature. Simply turn on the system when you are hot and turn off the system when you are done.

How long does it take to install the Misting Cooling System?

After the design has been approved, our professional team will begin installation. Installation usually requires between 6-10 hours on an average-sized home. Our goal is to install the system as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Most times, the systems are almost invisible.

How much maintenance is needed after the initial installation?

To prolong the life of the system and nozzles, winterization is always recommended. An annual spring tune up is also recommended to clean the filter, flush the lines and check the nozzles. MCS provides both of these services for a nominal charge.

What is the average cost of the Misting Cooling System?

Most professionally installed mist system start around $2000. Please contact us for a free design and estimate.

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