Meet Our MCS Austin Team

Thomas Best

Owner/General Manager

Thomas is a native Texan and has a Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University. After a career in real estate agent, he saw a need for mosquito control and misting systems and along with Enrique, together founded MCS Austin. Thomas and his wife Fabiola have two children, their son is a graduate of Texas Tech, and their daughter is currently attending college at University of Texas. In his free time, Thomas enjoys cooking, boating, and fishing.

Enrique Amaro

Owner/VP of Operations

Enrique the Operations Manager for MCS Austin currently and has many years of experience in the environmental services industry. He is highly skilled in Negotiation, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Contract Negotiation. Enrique is a graduate from Universidad de Lima with a Bachelors of Business Administration. Enrique and his wife Denisse, have two children. Their son is in middle school, and their daughter is Junior at Colorado School of Mines. In his free time, Enrique enjoys shooting skeet, and hunting.

Christina Sharretts

Marketing Coordinator & Project Management

Christina has 15+ years of digital content management experience, and 13+ years of experience in social media and print marketing. Christina has worked extensively in the technological areas and industries. Her career began as an electronics technician building Robotic Operated Vehicles for the international company Oceaneering. Then transitioned into later working as a web designer, photographer, graphics design, and online marketer. Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and loves all things music-related.

Daniel Torres

Production Manager

Daniel manages the MCS manufacturing team by handling multiple tasks with efficient execution while maintaining a positive attitude. He has been with the company over 6 years and has 25 years of product research and development and carries an Associate's Degree in Applied Science.

Teresa Ferraro

Office Manager

Teresa Ferraro is the Office Manager for Mosquito Control, Inc.. Teresa brings over 20 years of administrative experience in Office Management, Human Resources, and Accounting. She assists in the development and implementation of firm policies and procedures; manages and oversees the administration of HR policies, she maintains accounts payable, receivables and monthly billing.

Teresa has been a resident of Austin since she moved from Las Vegas, NV 2000. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and animals, exploring the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, hiking, biking, boating and fishing.

Tom Patrick

Customer Relations Manager

Tom Patrick is a native Texan from Houston and moved to Austin in 1991. He worked in the Air Conditioning industry out in the field for many years before transitioning to office work in the same industry. Before that he worked in the food industry in various management positions. These jobs helped him to hone his customer service skills over years of working directly with customers in many demanding situations. Tom is very adept at working with customers and very good at addressing their needs and making sure that they feel their business is valued. He also works with Thomas on the sales side of MCS to help schedule his sales appointments and talking with customers about the services that MCS provides and helping them to understand how our systems can benefit them. He also works with Enrique on the servicing side to help coordinate installations and servicing the customer accounts. Tom enjoys watching sports and grilling along with other outdoor activities.