Outdoor Decorative Lighting

Residential Patio Café Lighting – Patio String Lighting

Patio café lights are ideal for outdoor use and can help create an atmosphere that is festive and fun or toned back for just simple use and enjoyment. With café lighting, there are so many possibilities for design such as on your patio, over an outdoor kitchen, grill, courtyard or by the pool.

This kind of cafe lighting can be used creatively in clusters to create the illusion of a chandelier, or spaced apart from one another at different heights to create an interesting mystique. With your ideas and our expertise, we can help you make a custom design a patio cafe lighting experience!

Commercial Decorative Lighting

At MCS Austin we also do year-round lighting for commercial clients. Having professionally installed customized lighting for your commercial property will increase visibility, and enhance your image.

With the right lighting design, your company or property can set a tone and experience for customers, the passerby, employees and so much more! MCS has been providing commercial decorative lighting services for the greater Austin and surrounding areas since 2004 and has developed an impeccable reputation for high-quality lighting installation and design services. We customize every lighting experience around your vision to create a stunning design.

We install lighting for almost any commercial setting including shopping centers, Home Owner’s Associations, Apartments, Restaurants, and are the preferred vendor for the City of Austin’s Second Street District. We are considered to be the “tree wrapping” experts in Austin.

We offer a full catalog of LED lighting and decor to choose from including but not limited to:

  • Year Round Commercial Lighting
  • Commercial Holiday Lighting
  • Trim Lights
  • Mini Lights
  • Garlands
  • Wreaths
  • Tree Wrapping
  • Icicle lights
  • Stake lights